How to Control your Lights with Amazon Echo

How to Control your Lights with Amazon Echo

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker is a great device for music listening, setting timers and reminders, and ordering stuff you probably don’t need from Amazon’s vast online store, but the best thing about Echo — at least in my opinion — is its ability to control smart home devices. Alexa, the intelligent assistant baked into the Echo, is compatible with a wide array of smart home devices; owning one means being able to control your entire connected household with your voice. Pretty cool!

Many people who are getting into the whole “smart home” thing like to start with a wireless bulb or two. Turning on and off your bulbs with your voice isn’t just a damn good party trick (the first few times), it’s the perfect starting point for budding home automation enthusiasts.

Once you’ve snagged an Amazon Echo (or Dot/Tap), you can follow below to learn how to set up your connected lighting!

  • Controlling your lights with Amazon Echo and Alexa
  • Connect your lights to Amazon Echo
  • Setting up lighting groups
  • Adding new lighting

Controlling your lights with Amazon Echo and Alexa

There are several different smart lighting brands that will work with your Alexa-Enabled device. I’m going to show you how to connect Philips Hue bulbs to the Echo, but you should check out the other brands that offer Alexa integration. Amazon has a product page dedicated to said products:

Alexa Smart Home Store for Lighting

I’m sticking with Philips Hue for the example for a few reasons:

  • Philips Hue is a fantastic choice for your first set of smart bulbs. The company’s lighting products continue to improve and Philips continues to add new and awesome products to the Philips Hue lineup.
  • Amazon’s Philips Hue integration is frictionless. Once you’ve got your lighting set up, it’s no sweat to make the connection!
  • Alexa’s connection process is nearly the same regardless of the smart device you’re connecting.

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